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Meet SueAnn Brown !

SueAnn Brown is an in-demand, professional certified etiquette instructor and resident of Scottsdale, AZ. She owns the company It’s All About Etiquette and for the past six years has taught numerous etiquette classes and workshops to children and adults all across the Valley.

Hundreds of parents have signed their children up for her fun, interactive etiquette classes and tell SueAnn they have seen wonderful, “instant results” in their children’s manners and behavior at home and in school.


SueAnn Teaches Both Children and Adults

Ms. Brown states, “I know that many parents do try and teach manners and etiquette to their children at home, and they absolutely should, but sometimes it just takes another adult to get children to really listen. I become the other adult that the kids listen to and effectively learn from.”

And it’s not just children and teens enrolling in SueAnn's classes. Many large companies like Marriott and Charles Schwab have hired SueAnn to educate and polish their employees’ social etiquette skills. Her philosophy is this: You’re never too young or too old to learn about manners and etiquette!

Dining Etiquette for Kids in Four Easy Steps!

We are proud to announce the release of our training video, Dining Etiquette for Kids! This lesson is broken down into four easy-to-follow sections that you can view any time you want on any device that you want. You'll also receive a Manners Chart and a Homework Checklist to track your kids' progress.

Links to download the video, Homework Checklist and Manners Chart from our store will be provided upon purchase. Scroll down for links to our store at!

Click play to view a sample of our dining etiquette training video for children!


Table Setting Placemats Are Now Available !

Our popular placemats give you the template for teaching your child the proper way to set the table and learn table manners at the same time.


What an easy way to teach kids how to set the table !

While learning to set the table, choose one table manner listed on the back of the placemat. Work with your child until they learn the manner, then move on to a new manner. Your child will have fun learning and you will be amazed with the results!

Our Video Is Available Now !